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Kathy Cassidy has her six year olds building digital portfolios and shows why and how. If my child was enrolling in school today, I’d ask to see some sample portfolios or where I could access them online. This is a hidden, little requested artifact that can probably tell you more about the progressiveness of a school than anything else!

I keep trying to find ways to implement technology within my classroom, but the lack of available computers and the super-strong web filtre always keeps me from doing it.  I might try to find a way around these problems this summer. 

Schools are so afraid of students misusing technology that, in my district, we’ve banned it almost altogether.  I’ve signed up just so I can see what the chapters say!  But wouldn’t it be cool if we could use the tools the kids already have and show them all they things they are capable of doing instead of what people did 50 years ago? I mean, we’re all computerized testing now, but we’re still showing kids reading strategies on paper.  Highlighting is great, but how do you apply that to a computerized reading test when the first time the kids see it on the computer is when they’re taking the exam?

Same thing here.  Someone showing the principles of photography on a tool that people actually use.  I mean, sure, the SLR and DSLRs are amazing (I love them, myself - I still have my 35mm Minolta from when I was an undergrad), but this is the tool in everyone’s pocket.  

Yay, for creative education!!!


College Launches Course Devoted to iPhone Photography

This is exact­ly the right idea - a col­lege course devot­ed to iPhone pho­tog­ra­phy. This type of pro­gram should be offered in high schools.

Teach­ing kids how to use tools like an iPhone (or other smart phones) to cre­ate art and express…

This is an excellent idea. I love the thought of teaching K-12 students to use mobile technology such as smartphones to express themselves through art and photography. Great read!

At the Waldorf School in Silicon Valley, technology can wait.  I have felt for a long time, that we are relying too much on gadgetry to teach - and whining that a lack of gadgetry is what is holding us back from student gains.

Do kids need to be exposed to technology?  Yes.  However, if they don’t have a handle on the basics, the technology is only a crutch.

This is a list of 100 sites for new teachers, but it’s great for everybody, especially for general interest (like PBS) and edu-tech issues.  I had a blast sifting through them all and found some gems!