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"A room without books is like a body without a soul."— Marcus Tullius Cicero

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I agree with almost nothing this man says.  Until now.  He pointed out, to almost certain ridicule, that under-privileged and urban teens have no work ethic, not so much because they don’t have opportunity or because the “system is working against them”, but because no one has shown them how to have a work ethic.

And it’s not just the under-privileged.

In an age where parents buy whatever their kids want, there is no allowance for chores, or baby-sitting jobs or summer employment. There’s no need for their own money.  

So Gingrich basically says that we need to start teaching our kids about having a work ethic and stop letting them be victims. 

Preach on.

Every teacher needs to read this.  Aguilar makes an important point that I made in my previous post: that we need to reclaim an 8-hour work day.  The conditions we have created for ourselves are unsustainable.  And take your day!!!  I’m doing it next week. Sorry, co-workers!